How to make a worm farm- tips to get you started

Working your worm farm

In this article, I am going to share some information on how to make a worm farm and I will share some tips to get you started. I had a worm farm for around 15 years and it did a wonderful job.

So let’s get into this! Continue reading “How to make a worm farm- tips to get you started”

Green Living Future

From the tip to the toe

Green living solutions are numerous.

As this site has been created for the average human being who is thinking they might like to help their own lives and the life of our planet.

It is going to be an easy read with heaps of articles, links to what, where to, how and why’s, learning and helping.

From the tip to the toe, from the garden to the table, from the kitchen to the scrap bin (compost), to the curbside recycling. Living green is not hard to adjust to, in fact, it is probably so much easier and fun to do than having to throw away all those food scraps; deciding on what are the safest hair products to use, what safer non-toxic item to purchase to clean your home, your clothes, wash your dishes & the list goes on. Continue reading “Green Living Future”