Cracking the Green thing

How do we crack the ‘green thing’

How? Do we find these ‘green things’?  These greeny things that many people think of as ‘cracked’?

You might well ask as the subject is ginormous! Yes how do we find out about these green things?   Where do we start?  Let me help a little on this subject and give you some more ideas on the how to’s.

Living the good life

When it comes to living the good life, people tend to think of money and worldly possessions, and as this is also living the good life I am here today to share some of what I consider living the good life is in living green daily and what they have in common.

There is, of course, green colour. Green is the colour of many many things, just to name a few, plants, trees, grass and of course clothing, just colour green, not grown naturally green. (I know, you already know that). 

So, on a more serious note,’ GREEN’ is what we now refer to as to the health of our being, the health of our foods, the health of our lifestyle and the health of our planet in general.

Big green thing

Do you recycle? Do you grow your own food, be it vegetables, meat, poultry? Do you compost? Do you not buy anything plastic? Do you utilise your local community garden? Do you drive an electric car? Do you power your home with solar?

– All these options come under the ‘green umbrella’.

Eating green

It has become very apparent that millions of the worlds’ population are turning to eat vegetarian or are going totally vegan, millions are now eating ‘green’, meaning they are now eating more fresh foods, fresh produce from local market gardens or growing their own. Many are choosing to eat more natural foods, rather than the processed plastic foods that are found in cardboard packets (or worse, plastics) on the supermarket shelves.  

There are such vast differences between countries these days, some suffer from famine and starvation whilst others are fruitful in the richness of foods and are able to produce sustainable foods for their populations. No matter where you live, there will be a difference in the lives of peoples living in the same country. Many living full healthy lives, others living on the breadline or in poverty.

So, if you are living in a place that enables you to move toward a more healthier lifestyle, then it is time for you to be urged to look more into the ‘green thing’.


It is suggested that we exercise at least x3 a week for 30 minutes at a time.   

It is suggested we either ‘workout’ doing a routine of various physical actions that could include lifting weights, running, walking, aerobics, dancing and/or a number of other cardiac heart pumping movements.  There is also a number of other varieties of an exercise of a gentler nature, ie walking, yoga, or perhaps thai chi.


These will probably help create our bodies to live longer healthier lives.

If you are not the sort of person to do these exercises in a public forum such as a gym or group, there are plenty of DVDs, Youtube videos that can be accessed for in-home workouts.

The majority of us love food, of that I’m fairly positive. So if we are fortunate to live where there is ample supply, ample availability and options are many then as to the ways we can cook and enjoy them we are simply already living the ‘good life’. In doing so we MUST learn to change some of our century-old habits and decades of what is now known as bad unhealthy options. Green is part of the best now readily available options in our lifestyles and we need to be taking advantage of this luxury.

Cafes, restaurants and many other eating establishments still provide quite unhealthy eating menus, but slowly there is becoming an awareness that change is essential, change in how foods are cooked, change in the menu ingredients and changes that are now becoming essential for many eateries to make a difference, in the providing of foods to a more healthier option as people are becoming more aware of their diets, more aware of their food intake so consequently is the demand that these improvements are made, be it from gluten-free products to less sugar and less fats.



When looking for eateries, the best place to look is either at a local information centre, but more often used these days is ‘Mr (or Mrs)

Vehicles – a sign of the times

An all-electric car! No petrol or diesel? Cars of the future will be powered by stored power, commonly called, ‘electric’. These cars will not emit gases into the atmosphere, they will not cause any gas emissions, hence leaving the air that we breathe cleaner and much healthier for longer healthier lives.

You will find even now there are many power-up stations, most being at your local plaza, the airport, and in some large cities at large community supermarkets.

Should you be fortunate enough to afford an electric car, you will be surprised to find it may be a bit costly initially to purchase, however, the cost of ‘filling’ up is very competitive. (this is shown in USD) 

Trust this has been informative for you and looking forward to providing more posts in the near future.

Thanks for dropping by today.


4 thoughts on “Cracking the Green thing”

  1. What a great article Linda and I love the title- So great 🙂
    I would love an electric car- I have seen an ad on tv here and they are such great green-friendly vehicles
    Great share thank you

    1. Thank you Vicki, love seeing your comments. Electric cars – A thing of the future maybe? Let’s hope this is a thing of the future and not just a novelty.

      Regards, Linda

  2. Hi Linda
    I love visiting your website and enjoyed this article also
    An electric car would be so great and I see their power is the same which is important as well

    Just a quick question
    I have been seeing quite a lot of CBD mentions and wondered if you have any info on the subject as I would love to know about these products

    1. Thank you Vicki. I’m wondering also what an electric car would be like to drive, they always seem to be slower in motion. I could be wrong.
      Yes CBD great subject I’m working on that right now, so watch this space.
      thanks again, Linda

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