Green Living Future

From the tip to the toe

Green living solutions are numerous.

As this site has been created for the average human being who is thinking they might like to help their own lives and the life of our planet.

It is going to be an easy read with heaps of articles, links to what, where to, how and why’s, learning and helping.

From the tip to the toe, from the garden to the table, from the kitchen to the scrap bin (compost), to the curbside recycling. Living green is not hard to adjust to, in fact, it is probably so much easier and fun to do than having to throw away all those food scraps; deciding on what are the safest hair products to use, what safer non-toxic item to purchase to clean your home, your clothes, wash your dishes & the list goes on.

To start just thinking about a change, it could be as easy as stop using plastic bags.

One step is all it takes to turn a daily task into a habit.

Have you thought of how you could make a difference to our earth by making some of these changes?

Well, GreenLivingSolutionsOnline (GLSo) is here to help do just that. The more we, us humans, realise that this planet is OUR home, it is ALL we have, then if GLSo can help make a change, we have done what we have set out to achieve.

Recycling option

variation of recycle symbol

One of the first options could be to start recycling. Most local councils have curb-side recycling collections on a weekly/fortnightly basis; begin to use this service, recycle your papers, bottles, plastics and tin containers.

Those plastic bags we all get from the supermarket – stop using them and replace with re-usable cloth bags. There are a number of companies now turning to this option.

Look at product packaging. Packaged in plastic? Check the printing on the package before buying. Also check the container does it have the ‘recycle’ branding, this can then be safely put out to be recycled.

These are but a few ideas on recycling.

Cooking ideas

You’re thinking so what does cooking have to do with green living? Well you may be surprised to learn that your kitchen is an amazing place to do such a activity.

Not only can you cook green vegetables, (that really goes without saying doesn’t it), there are plenty of ways from recipes to utensils that are included in green living.

Are you aware that some of the ‘everyday older-style’ ingredients we use in recipes can be changed to produce the same product, beit cake, dessert or a meal?

Learning how we can, are able to, change some of those recipes, simply by replacing the butter with coconut oil? the sugar with honey?

Gluten-free? This is what we are referring to for healthier greener living.

Health and wellness is now much more an every day subject, whilst providing a greener outlook.

This site will soon be including some very exciting scrumptious goodies for you to make and devour.

Health and Nutrition

Everyday someone, somewhere looks at themselves, has visited a doctor or suddenly been subjected to a health issue and realises that they need to do something for ‘themself’. Maybe start working out, to reduce their waist line, shed those extra kgs that have crept on over the past decade or so – improving their overall general health so they can continue to live a healthier longer life.

I know this, I’ve been there, I’ve seen the chances I’ve let slip by over the years and yet now I also know that I can make those changes and live a very much healthier, fitter life, for a lot longer.

GLSo is also part of health and nutrition.

Pets and Animals

Green living for pets and animals? yes of course. They too,  deserve to live in a healthier environment, they too, deserve to be feed safer foods, they too, deserve to be washed in a safe pet shampoo without petroleum.

Many furbabies are someone’s only family. They too, deserve to be living a long healthy energetic happy life.

Our ONLY planet  

Lastly and by no means the least is OUR PLANET

– the ONLY place we can call home

– the ONLY place we have to live

– the ONLY place we can nuture and sustain for our future generations

– the ONLY place that we are responsible for looking after


Green living can help us do these things. Green living can help save our environment and our PLANET.

Together we can live greener, healthier, longer lives.


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