Healthy Options with Supplements

Supplementing or not?

As we are now aware the soil that is used in commercially grown fruit and vegetables, can no longer provide all the great nutrients it once had necessary for our wellbeing, so healthy options with supplementation today is now essential.

And it is no thanks to agricultural giants, mostly Monsanto   (just recently bought by Bayer ) who developed the carcinogenic glyphosate-based herbicide ‘Roundup’ in the 1970’s and GMO seeds in the 1980’s. Since then millions of people around the world have died as a direct result of their toxic products.

So the idea of growing your own food, be it meat, poultry or vegetables is a very good one indeed. However as suggested earlier, supplements are now essential as well.

Supplementation options – Where to start

Supermarkets, health shops, online links, you name it there will be a supplement available in all of these places but what sort, what quality is there to be found? Where to start?

Most supplements do not supply the goodness as per advertised. It may be listed on the label but the ingredients in the tablet or capsule or not always in equal quantities, in other words, the tablet sitting next to the other tablet in the bottle may vary in the components of the ingredients. Yes, this is true,no two are equal –  Unless the company chooses to supply pharmaceutical quality products these regulations are not controlled.  Food quality option is most commonly used in the manufacturing of supplements as the information on the label is not monitored. Consequently, the majority of you will not be getting a well-balanced supplement.

Health nutrition supplements

Unless you do your research and find those companies who are providing the best health nutrition supplements,  you could be wasting your hard earned $$’s – there will be no benefits from your purchase.

There are a number of companies who do manufacture top quality products and these are the ones who you need to suss out with your own due diligence.

Above is a supplement fact label from a ‘Vitamin D3’ product. (would you like to be taking a ‘health supplement’ that contains sunflower oil, beef gelatin and glycerin? – Just an example of the quality, or not, as per suggested.

Supplements come in all varieties, some for hair, some for skin, some for general health, some solely for inflammation, some for bones, others for poor circulation, heart and side issues such as cholesterol, blood pressure, Omega oils, etc. The supply is endless but the quality is suspect, so chose wisely. 

Perhaps a better choice would be to ensure you check on those ‘words’ included in the label as they are not always as you may think. Sometimes pharmaceutical words are okay ingredients, sometimes not.

Weightloss supplements are included

Many people these days are looking at weight loss and supplements that work to make this process easier for them.

As per information, again due diligence is required. Weightloss supplements are varied and despite being included within the vast range available via supermarkets, health shops and online, these are also some not entirely good for your health. Sad but true, many of these items are looking for the consumer, nothing to do with the fact that they should be for your wellbeing.



Liquid options

Did you know that you can take apple cider vinegar as a weight loss supplement? This is true. A fact from the past, when women had very little other than self-discipline and today it is still being utilised.

So, if you are looking for a weight loss supplement you might like to try apple cider vinegar.  (also available in capsule form)

Herbal Teas

Another idea for weight loss supplementation is the herbal tea. There are many varieties of herbal teas available, and according to your personal taste, these can be quite nutritious and enjoyable at the same time as helping with any weight loss progress.  A few examples below. Available from most outlets, ie supermarkets, health shops etc….. again, quality is not always as per label, so do your checking, or click on the pictures below.

Meal Replacement Shakes

Meal replacement shakes are an extremely popular supplementation for weight loss. Our lives are becoming increasingly busier and these are so quick and handy to have ‘on the run’. After the gym, before school or work, at lunchtime, after work, after the days’ busy schedule is done, you can enjoy a luscious shake in a variety of flavours, ie, chocolate, strawberry, vanilla. And again, your due diligence is required here, as not all products are of good quality, the reading of labels is MORE THAN ESSENTIAL on these are what you are using in place of food, there are a lot of ‘unsavoury’ ingredients included in these shakes.  Plus these should never be used as a total ‘food’ consumption, always include food in your diet. (unless otherwise of ill health).

Personally having been a longtime weight conscious person, I am a ‘consumer’ of many rubbish products, has proven to be an absolutely a waste of my time and mostly money.

I have NOW learned where the quality lays. 

It’s never over

Despite there being so many options, so many products, and so many neverending ways to keep your weight control, it is never over!

A constant conscious effect must be applied to keep the weight at a good level. Changes in dietary options, the food we eat every day, the kinds of food we eat, the times we eat, the way we eat (slowly is best). Whether we chose cafes, takeaways, fast foods or cook for ourselves with fresh garden produce, it is entirely our choice but at the end of the day, no matter how we chose, supplementation today is essential.

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