Hello from Lindann

Welcome to our green living solutions online site. For the past 20years I have been interested in how to improve my health, how to keep myself active and motivated but more than anything I have wanted to share the knowledge I have learned over those years

Being a ‘baby boomer’ I grew up with having food on the table, clean clothes, good schooling, and opportunities, so I consider myself privileged.

As the years have moved on I found I wanted to give back, so with the teachings from life, being involved in the health and wellness industry I have come to this place where I provide such information.

I can share, I can give back some of that information, provide directions to on how you can learn some of the ways within a green healthy environment.

My turn to help others enhance their lives.

Why do I want to help people? – Well its quite simple really. I have the passion to share with others the knowledge I have gained along the way. Sharing what I can, whilst also learning more to enable others to enhance their lives also

Within this site I trust you will find information pertaining to your search, information that will empower you and encourage you to continue with a healthy happy long successful lifestyle.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



2 thoughts on “Hello from Lindann”

  1. What a great introduction Linda. Green living is the only way to go to help save our precious planet and ourselves. I will be back regularly to see some more great articles

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