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Growing & Eating Organic


So, this is a change for you?

Buying or growing organic – part of living green, so you can eat healthy organic foods?

The topic is wide, the produce is varied, the research comes with time.

Hopefully, here in this blog we can put a little of that in the ‘make it easier’ basket for you.

The organic garden produce is now becoming utilised every day.

Many folk are realising that organic is not only the best but the only way to eat GOOD food/products.

Growing your own or buying is more than just popular today. It’s almost a necessity.

Let’s look at purchasing.

How do you know if it is ‘really’ organic?

Well, that could be the 64thousand dollar question, is it not?

Who sells them? Perhaps the only way to find out is to ask the vendor.

Buy only from those whom you know are genuine – this usually entails asking others who you can trust, ‘where can I get’? who do you know who buys organic, part of living green, produce for their own use?

…. also there are those wonderful Farmers’ market stalls.

OR, of course,  grow your own.

Growing your own vegetable garden patch is not hard, but it does require your time and effort.

Having a fulfilling luscious area of garden, be it on your small backyard plot, a larger one for your family, or even in pots in your flat or unit. The outcome will not only be satisfying it will also give you exactly the food you need at a lesser cost.

Get started by approaching your local garden centre where the staff will help you with all the requirements necessary.

What a wonderful way to ensure your health is going to be helped by your own hands.

Let’s not forget we can grow our own chickens and eggs as well! Your chickens can be fed with the refuse from your garden!


For centuries all our food was organic.  Seems hard to believe now, doesn’t it?

Our veges where grown by the farmer and harvested.

Sold to the local ‘greengrocer’, the corner store,  and most of them had their own roadside stall outside the gateway, quite often with the ‘honesty’ box for payment.


Fresh, luscious, healthy & tasty.

The soil they were harvested from was then left to regenerate. Given time, for the nutrients, the sun and the seasons that followed, to allow the soil to replenish, to recover before another sowing of the seeds was permitted.

Then things changed!

Fertilisers have been used for many many years, however, it wasn’t until the produce growers started having pressure put on them, from THOSE large companies, who demanded produce, such as peas, carrots, potatoes, corn etc, be supplied more quickly.

They had to have quicker turnover, quicker than naturally allowing the products to grow as they should.

These products needed to be bigger and without bugs.

This, is when the use of powerful fertilisers, growth hormones, (yes to stimulate growth), poisons to eradicate bugs and also stunt growth (ever wondered how we get gourmet potatoes?) were introduced into the soil.

– this is when Organic growing ceased in the commercial market. 

We had succumbed to ‘unhealthy’ but lead to believe healthy, vegetables (and fruit) for our everyday food.  Sadly it took many years before the goings on of these companies came to light and for the revolt to begin.

The years marched on.

The news was out.

The rebellion began.

Organics rose again

Fortunately, through the extremely hard work of people who knew the truths, who had integrity, and who started standing their ground against these monopolising money orientated conglomerates, who had blood, sweat and tears in their veins,  who knew that they could supply healthy produce, that today, there are now reputable growers supplying our local markets and supermarkets.

If purchasing from supermarkets, there is still a need to check the packaged produce. Check the ‘best before’ or ‘use by’ date to ensure freshness.

It is now becoming easier to purchase fresh, organically grown produce from a local greengrocer shop; from your towns (or nearby) very own organic grower.

Organic foods are now readily available, and the options are many.



3 thoughts on “Organics – part of living green”

  1. I have read your article and isn’t it incredible how much damage has been done to soils all over the world. We used to be able to get most of our nutrients for our bodies from eating veggies and fruit from the supermarket and now, it is not the case.
    Most people are using supplements to help provide their bodies with nutrients which is great, but also sad when you think about why this is happening
    What are your thoughts, Linda?

    1. Thank you Jac.
      Yes you are quite correct it is sad. And as for the need of taking supplements to provide goodness for our bodies, not all are of good equal quality. I shall endeavour to include some information in regards as how to obtain the good companies who produce top quality products.

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