Supplements review – Are you really getting what you need?

Welcome to Greenlivingsolutionsonline, in this article I am going to be doing a supplement review, so, lets get right into this.

Supplements and what to choose

There are literally 1000’s of products being sold online as supplements and if you search supplements on Google this is what happens.

About 442,000,000 results (0.69 seconds)

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Just in this brief capture, the page opens with 442 million results. Incredible isn’t it and overwhelming for many of us.
We are told this brand is the best by someone and this brand is the best by another. We search online looking for a great product and most of the sites we visit say all their products are the best. So what do you do when looking for a truly great supplement?
Good question and this why I did this review today to show you what my research has uncovered.


Melaleuca was founded over 34 years ago by Mr Frank Vandersloot and has grown exponentially over those years. So why is Melaleuca such a great company and are their supplement really the best?
Recently there was an independent study done through the Freiburg University on the Supplements – here is what they found.

Click on the link
Go and read this for yourself. When people took the Peak Performance Packs this is the result. Pretty outstanding.
There was also another study done and the results were stated that Melaleuca’s supplements are the best in the world for overall well-being. Fantastic, now we are onto something great.
As you can see, here is some information on Oligo which is patented by Melaleuca and is used in all the supplements exclusively to Melaleuca.


How do you buy these products?

Ok, lets go a bit deeper into how Melaleuca operates – No it is not an MLM company – Melaleuca is a Direct Selling Company and what this means to you as a consumer is this:

· Join Melaleuca as a Preferred Customer and buy your products direct from Melaleuca

· Over 500 products to choose from

· Delivered to your door, saving on petrol, plastic, travel which means you are also helping the environment

· All you do is switch stores. Instead of buying products that are not quality from a store, you go online and place a monthly order so you are assured you will receive exactly what you need

· Over 34 years in business

· Melaleuca says: ‘Enhancing the lives of people we meet by helping them reach their goals’

· Price of the supplements – Aprox $2.44 a day depending where you live in the world and the exchange rate

· Are there rewards? Yes, indeed there are. If you become a preferred customer, you will receive a really generous discount and also every month when you shop online you will also receive loyalty dollars which then allows you to obtain free product with your order

· Also, if you introduce people you care about to Melaleuca, you will receive a residual income from helping them use eco-friendly products

∙ No harmful chemicals, no toxins, no phosphate, no formaldehyde, nothing that can bring harm to you or your family.


Would I recommend Melaleuca? Yes definitely
Rate 9/10 – reason for 9 is because you have to wait for your delivery
Integrity 10/10
Customers service 9/10
Income earner- 7/10 if you put in continued effort

In conclusion today

Melaleuca is a Global Company who has been helping people around the globe for over 34 years and the reason for their longevity is their integrity and their incredible products. Their supplements are rated as the best in the world and their other products are absolutely top quality awesome.
Please go and take a look at the main website and you can see for yourself  (you are able to change your country on the site) but before you take off for a look, please bookmark this page and if you want to know more about becoming a preferred customer or a business owner, drop a comment below and someone will be in touch with you within 24 hours to help you.
We often don’t have the information necessary to make an informed decision and I hope this article has given you a better chance to see what quality really is all about.

Thank you for stopping by and please let me know your thoughts by commenting below:

Everything green
Jac Rae

P.S. I forgot to mention, I don’t get any form of payment for writing this. I did it because I researched and researched and decided when I was asked to write as a content writer, what better than sharing this information with you as it really is the best supplement range you could give your body.
Oh Yes, Frank Vandersloot has just broken the world rowing record for his age group and he celebrated his 70th birthday as well. He puts his youthfulness down to the Peak Performance Pack which he has been taking every day since they were released 4 years ago so go and check this out. Go FRANK!!!!

4 thoughts on “Supplements review – Are you really getting what you need?”

  1. How amazing-amazing what the Peak Performance Supplements can do for people – Frank Vandersloot is an amazing man- 70 years old today and a world record breaker- Proof these really are amazing products
    Thank you- I will be in touch to learn more about these products

  2. Hello Linda,
    That’s really a well analyzed article you’ve created, Melaleuca been around for 34 years now and still counting simply means it has been a great supplement that assists health. A friend of mine once saw a supplement review online, The review of the supplement was great but at the end the result wasn’t as thought.

    1. I’m sorry to hear that your friend did not get what they where hoping to from the supplement taken, unfortunately it does happen. Maybe there is an offering in this article? 

      appreciated thanks for your comment.


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