Our Oceans Heroes

WHO ARE these wonderful  ‘above and below water heroes’? Selflessly utilising their own time to clean up the shorelines and under our oceans?

Let’s take a peek.

Environmental Divers

Environmental Divers are a team of scuba divers who are all volunteers.

They are amazing people who understand the need and fundamentals to work together to protect marine life and good for our oceans.

This passionate voluntary group of divers is based in Australia and Maryland USA.

Their Facebook site states who they are. ‘A hands-on Diver based initiative for those who are passionate about the Marine, Coastal, and Catchment areas being polluted on a daily basis by litter’.

Below is an accumulation of photographs of some of what they do and their stories.

A promotional day for this non-profit organisation.

Recruiting keen newbies where possible and teaching the public about what they are doing. As this is a voluntary organisation they depend on the generosity of donations and sponsorship funding to be able to continue their amazing underwater work.

Can you believe this? Just ONE bag of rubbish. Sadly, there is plenty more where that came from.

All in a weekend’s work!

A couple of incredible environmentally loving scuba divers doing their bit.

Might be just one bottle, but it is not alone! Thousands upon thousands of others in our oceans.

Rubbish of all descriptions!

And this folk, is where it all begins!

Can you imagine how much rubbish would have entered the sea at this beautiful, crowded shoreline of beach-lovers?

A video clip of some of the ‘unbelievable’ cleanups that occur around the world. This one is in Hawaii.

If you would like to know more or want to be part of this team, here is their website

Environmental Scuba Divers

Another group who also is putting their time into underwater cleanups.

HOW IT BEGAN -The creation of Environmental Scuba Divers is the result of pioneering experiments in training, monitoring and sub-aquatic waste removal in the last ten years, involving various diver profiles.

WHO WE ARE – We are scuba divers, all volunteers, who understand as fundamental to work together to protect the marine life and good places to diving. We are a network of environmental scuba divers.

MISSION – To bring together divers interested in the protection and conservation of the marine environment and to promote underwater activities of environmental and scientific interest.

VISION – To be recognized as an independent and active network of environmental divers.

VALUES – 1. Safety: act with a focus on team safety.

2. Legality: act with respect to the legal and normative regulation                            in force.

3. Environmental ethics: act with consideration to the needs of                                 other living beings and future generations.

POLICY – We are a group of divers who love the environment and are happy to share interesting media we find on the internet. This includes news, videos, and pictures already published, especially from Facebook. If anyone feels offended or annoyed by any post, please let us know.

There are lots of environmental scuba divers around the world connected with loads of non-profit institutions or informal divers teams and we recognise the efforts of these environmentalists.

We aren’t the only environmental scuba diving group on Facebook and we seek a positive relationship with other environmental divers.

We prefer to be discreet and preserve the identity of our members. However, we have got a closed discussion group on Facebook. All those interested in joining this group may send us a request. – ENVIRONMENTAL SCUBA DIVERS

As the above statement is requesting they prefer to be discreet, so I am not going to publicise any actions etc, however, they do have a nice Facebook page. Please check them out directly.


4Ocean –  is a movement for people to help clean our ocean by taking out the trash.  Here is how 4Ocean started out.

The story begins when Alex and Andrew take a surf trip…

to Bali Indonesia that would inevitably change their lives and the fate of the ocean.

Devastated by the amount of plastic in the ocean, they set out to find out why no one was doing anything about it.

One afternoon they came across an old fishing village where fishermen were literally pushing their boat through piles of plastic that had washed up onshore.

The two surfers realized that the proliferation of plastic threatened both the ocean environment and the fishermen’s livelihood. Could the fishermen use their nets, they wondered, to pull the plastic from the ocean? This idea stuck with the 2 surfers and they knew it was time to hit the drawing board.

After realizing that the demand for seafood was driving the fishermen to focus on fish instead of plastic, they knew they had to create something that could fund the desired cleanup efforts.

This is how the 4Ocean Bracelet was born.

Made with 100% recycled materials, every bracelet purchased funds the removal of 1 pound of trash from the ocean and coastlines.

In less than 2 years, 4Ocean has removed 6,286,026 pounds of trash from the ocean and coastlines.


4Ocean currently operates out of multiple countries and employs over 150 people worldwide.

4Ocean only survive because of your support. Visit 4Ocean.com to join the movement for cleaning the oceans!
4Ocean bracelets are made from 100% recycled materials. For every bracelet purchased, a pound of trash is removed from the ocean!

They clean the ocean and coastlines by making investments in people, technology, and equipment, all in aid of the many ocean creatures who are in need of help to survive.

Our Sad Seas

As our oceans become gradually (or not so gradually) full of rubbish of all descriptions, these volunteers around the globe are absolutely LEGENDS.

Planet Earth – Our Seas are part of it all.

I personally, thank all for their relentless time, efforts, passion and love of our world, for the work that they voluntarily supply.

Thanks again for dropping by, there are many ways we can do to help protect our oceans, and if you are able to do your bit, perhaps you can do that with free accommodation,  whilst helping out another.

See you again

regards, Linda

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